Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas street party

We had a Christmas street party last Saturday evening which myself and a neighbour put together. Having only been here since March 2012 I wasn't sure if there were already xmas party plans in preparation or if perhaps we were stepping on toes. Mt Vic is a very quiet place and sometimes you don't see neighbours at all - especially the holiday houses - so I did ask a couple of neighbours when I saw them out and they were pretty excited at the prospect of a party right there in our neighbourhood.

So... not knowing who was around, we delivered little flyers to our street and a couple either side. We thought we might get 10 people if we were lucky. Well - we had about 50 people from the neighbourhood, a roaring party, way too much food and a bloody good time.

It will definitely become a tradition! It also mean that people got to meet each other. I think we have lost that familiarity these days and I definitely want to be involved in a lovely community.

Merry Christmas!

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