Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Old Mt Vic

So now we have this lovely house... and several months into it I still pinch myself! We are doing renovations slowly. It doesn't actually need much but has a very old bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen has JUST been finished so I will write about that soon. The bathroom was set to get started in beginning of January but we've just upgraded our dodgy car so it may have to wait.

My mother got talking to someone in the park here in Mt Vic a couple of weeks ago. She asked about the grottos or caves there and this person assured her that it had never been a zoo or housed animals (and yes this person was a local). So Mum came home and said it wasn't true. We have a great facebook group 'Mt Victoria Network' and one of the guys there had asked the Local Studies Librarian at Springwood Library and come up with this photo. It seems to be 1980's from the cars at the Motel... this article below describes the zoo.

(Middle column)... 'During the 1930's the park across the street was converted into a small zoo where Australian native animals were kept and several mock stone shelters were erected in similar style to those in the Sydney Zoological Gardens.'

Sadly, so far no one seems to have photos of the animals in the cages but if you do, please contact me!

Photos we took at the park at Mt Vic a couple of months ago. Here is the entrance to 'Imperial Park & Museum' across the road from the Imperial Hotel.

Another grotto shot. This, I believe, seems to be a pond and fountain. It has a sweet little bridge running across which now is hidden underneath the Hebe bushes.

One of the grottos at the park in Mount Victoria. I read somewhere (and of course now I can't find it) that these grottos which are scattered throughout the Blue Mountains were made by unemployed men during WWII. The positioning of these grottos seems to have changed from the original photo I have added from the book above.

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