Monday, January 7, 2013


I have packed my fire-ready bags... just our photo albums (not all of them), cds with my work and photos, our identification and bottles and bottles of water. Tomorrow it is expected to be 35 degrees here in Mt Victoria and will have extreme fire danger. I also live in a bushfire prone property so have to think of this stuff. It will be approx 45 degrees in Penrith and I imagine much hotter further west.

So of course there will be more craziness in last minute packing as we have two small children and dogs - but hopefully we'll manage if we have to get out. The fish will have to fend for themselves.

I just learnt about this great application via NSW Fire Service: Fires Near Me NSW:

Totally worth downloading so you can see what is going on near you.

So incredibly sad to see what has happened in Tasmania and now Wagga Wagga. Hoping everyone in the Mountains stays safe and that our family and friends in Bundeena and Helensburgh are also ok.

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