Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My card designs are almost finalised then they'll be going off to the printers - very soon. Kids are at kindy so I can actually think about this business venture. Time to think... it's like gold around here.

Just sitting out on our back deck with a cuppa. This is my view with the vegie patch behind this lattice work. The table in the foreground is about to get a vintage tile top and then I can actually use it for my cups of tea. The pot plant is a curry leaf which is somehow doing well up here in the Mountains. And I love my little girls drawings on their chalk board. Two ceramic magpies stand guard on the railing but don't seem to stop the birds stealing our fruit and vegetables.

Ok... best get back into it while I have freedom to create!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mount Vic and Me art cards

Ive been busy creating my new range of Blue Mountains inspired cards - Mount Vic and Me. They are slowly coming along and I am so critical that I doubt most of them will make the cut! I've been playing around with ideas but I guess it will take me a while to be completely happy to release and publish them.

Weather has been cold this January here in the Mountains. Yesterday we had the fire roaring all day as it was a toasty 8 degrees outside! Funny to think that very soon it will be just plain cold for month after month. I don't complain though... I much prefer the cold to the heat.