Friday, April 12, 2013

Bathurst show and all that...

I'm so excited to show my new card design... coming soon!  Also will be doing little gift cards too. I'm thinking these would work well for gift stores as well as florists.

Today we went to the Bathurst Show. I was delighted to see kewpie dolls are still around and got the girls one each. So probably I bought them more for me than them? Especially as they wanted the horrible fake Barbies you see at the front of the pic!

The Royal Bathurst Show has so much more nostalgia than the Royal Easter Show. There is still old pavillions, smells and sounds. Somehow the new setting doesn't offer any of that in Sydney. I loved Moore Park though.

This handsome gentleman came rushing up to me when I pulled my camera out! He won best merino stud at the Royal Easter Show. He was so friendly and had a lovely soft nose. I thought the Bathurst Show was SOOO much better than the Easter Show. People stopped and talked about their produce. The kids will be going there every year from now on!

I just love this picture my 4 year old did. It's called 'It's a bird not a chicken' and she's written her name inside the bird. The smile is so sweet.

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