Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Winter Magic 2013

 Mount Vic and Me and Pickle Me Fancy joint stall at Winter Magic

Winter Magic last weekend was set to be a beauty. Perfect weather though terribly cold when I got up and outdoors by 5:30am but it did pose to be a good one. Set up and waited... and waited... and waited... no people. What was going on?

 Rachael behind my new cushion range - they were a great price too!

Rachael and I walked around the corner to see the festival TEEMING with people. It was crazy. Us 'duds' on Parke St had no chance of drawing crowds. No signage, no motivation for people to look around the corner.

 Kara at Winter Magic

Parke St was meant to have 61 stalls and only 30 showed up. And now I know why... No one knows to visit Parke St!

Our joint stall looked amazing - pickles, relishes, cards, postcards and cushions - all Blue Mountains here!

I made up a little sign for the roundabout at Parke St but it wasn't enough. I even burst into tears when I came home, smashed the bottle of red I had planned to drown my sorrows in and hurt my foot! Bloody hell!

But it seems that the organisers are coming to the party. Next year we will get an excellent position and they have offered to refund our stall space $$. Bring on 2014 and hopefully we'll see you there at the next Winter Magic?

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