Sunday, September 29, 2013

Feeling frazzled? Just go out and hang with chickens and do some gardening...

 Daisy scratching around a newly planted hydrangea near the new 'Taj Mahal' chook coop.

What a beautiful day it is today! I think it's probably a hot further down towards the city but 25 degrees C here with a fresh breeze. Perfect... I have been wondering how our mountains girls would be going in the heat, but going to check on them today, they seem fine.

Daisy bumbles off while tiny Dottie keeps scratching amongst the hydrangea.

We now have 5 chickens but I fear my fetish of unusual breeds grows. I have been eyeing off Anconas, Aracaunas and Plymouth Rocks. I'm too frightened to buy anything unvaccinated though via backyard breeders... especially as our young chookies grow. We have 11 week olds and 15-16 week olds now - so I gather we'll be getting eggs before Christmas!

Our 2 year old is 'gardening' here - ie. ripping off the flowers from each plant as she walks by. This lower section will become a bit of a cottage garden. Still got a long way to go with new plantings and my hubby's newly constructed pathway through the garden but it will eventually be fabulous!

The garden has taken on a new life now... I can't wait to see as it grows and grows. I must say gardening is definitely the best therapy going around - as well as good exercise.

Lately I've been feeling so peeved about big tourism bodies up here not responding to me about Mount Vic and Me art cards. Nothing. Zilch. And how wonderful small businesses have been in supporting me. Thank you lovely businesses! But I must say, when I get discouraged, I just head out the backyard and feel so much happier!

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