Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Taj Mahal of Mount Victoria

'Banksias' - Mount Vic and Me, 2013 - one of my recent designs in cards and gift tags - and is available now! 
I just love these beauties!

Spring is here! It's looking so beautiful again outside with blossoms everywhere (I should really take some photos), our new chickens are now here and it's warm enough to be outside again. Of course, this was a mild winter really and seems incredibly dry so far. I guess it will make for good bushfire weather again?

'Cuppa Tea' - Mount Vic and Me, 2013

Now to show off our new girls...

These are my 5 chickens. We have 'Hattie' the blue leghorn, 'Daisy' the wyandotte/brahma, 'Dottie' the gold laced wyandotte (though her colouring is pale?), 'Lolita' the New Hampshire and the friendliest pullet and 'Buffy' the Buff Sussex.

I wanted to get old heritage breeds, not pump-em-out chooks. These girls are from a breeder down near Windsor/Richmond and she really got that I wanted lovely chooks.

My hubby built this 'Taj Mahal' to house them and they want for nothing. They are 7 weeks and 2 others are around 12 weeks so we have a wait yet til they lay but they are worth the wait. Great fun and highly recommend for small kids!

 'Daisy' and 'Buffy' following behind...

'Hattie' checking the place out with 'Daisy' and 'Lolita' in the background.

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