Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mount Victoria is burning?

Halloween here in Mount Victoria. My little girls LOVE dressing up but we don't go trick or treating. Instead there is a fabulous get together in our park with all the local children. The kids do a lolly hunt under the trees and we have a bbq dinner. So much fun and so easy for all!

Our mulberry tree is going ballistic. I really cut it back last year as it was overgrown - after that the mulberries were thin on the ground but this year it is crazy. We have tried so many mulberry recipes. Even the chooks love them!

The bushfires in Mount Victoria seem like a distant memory yet were only 3 weeks ago. We only have to drive around some of the streets here to see the devastation. It's so terribly sad and you don't understand til you have been through it. We had flames across the road from us (see above) and were lucky that none of the houses in our street were burnt. The bush is so scarred in our gully though and I haven't seen the little fairy wrens fluttering around outside. I do hope they come back.

View from Bellevue Hill, Bathurst

 We were evacuated twice during the week the fires raged around us. The Blue Mountains has not seen such a series of fires before and it was terrifying. Having such young children I found sitting around day after day wondering if our house would catch alight or if we'd be evacuated in the middle of the night too much. I packed up the kids and left for Bathurst. We stayed in a glorious old house outside of Bathurst called Bellevue Hill. Other friends joined us, all tired and exhausted by the fires. We ended up with 4 dogs, 2 cats, 4 adults, 5 kids! And still the house had room!

Bellevue Hill, Bathurst

I am still tired by it all. It's hard to just 'get on with things' after being through it. Our gorgeous village has been devastated by it - accommodation venues, cafes (the two that we have), Mount Vic Flicks, the pub and all the small businesses. The media left us burning - telling the world of it all then disappearing rather than sharing that Mount Victoria is 'open for business'. 

We want people to come back to the mountains - support this beautiful part of the world. x

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