Sunday, December 29, 2013

December in Mount Victoria

The weather has been so warm here in Mt Victoria and we have been enjoying the summer. Despite the threat of bushfires, and with our cul de sac burnt out (but the houses all safe),  I still watch with trepidation about fires in the area. And honestly, I do love winter so look forward to the cold again...

We went out to see the Tyrannasaurus Rex exhibition at the Museum in Sydney. It was such a fun day out for the little girls. They do love the train ride to the city but not sure if I can do the 2.5 hours calmly with them jumping about non-stop!

Our chooks are doing so well. Check out the double-yoker as well as the TRIPLE yoker from our girls!!!

Sadly our little grey girl Betty didn't make it after getting so sick after the heat wave. She is buried down at Bundeena under the trees at Nana's place.

On a happier note, meet Chester - our first ever rooster! We picked this lovely little boy up today at Woodford. He's around 10-11 weeks old now and is crossed with silky (see his feathered feet) so won't be too big a rooster. He's trying to get the girls to be friendly with him but today didn't really happen for him. I went and checked on him tonight and he's snuggled up against Rita or Lana - one of our blue laced gold wyandotte girls who are only around 15 weeks old. Chester has been lovingly raised (he's previous name was Fred) and really friendly.

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